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Electronic Arts interview: EA A/NZ general manager, Rob Davey

Patrick Budmar | Jan. 25, 2013
We find out more about the man behind the industry leading publisher.

What's your biggest regret?

RD: Seeing some good friends in troubled times in the UK retail environment.

EA has a good range of IP, but if you had the ability to pick any IP in the industry right now to add to EA, which would it be?

RD: EA has a great portfolio, and with the likes of Battlefield 4 and UFC in the pipeline, it's going to get stronger. What makes the industry so exciting is the creativity that comes from so many developers, large and small, which pushes the boundaries every year. I've always admired Bioshock and think that Borderlands is a great addition to the category.

In your opinion, what does the future of the games industry look like?

RD: My personal opinion is that we'll see the emergence of real brands in the market, characterised by year round relevancy, visibility and support. These will be accessible across an increasing number of devices that, rather than operating in isolation, will give gamers an increasing opportunity for gameplay across their leisure time, whether this be on their PC or console at home or when on their mobile/tablet device whilst on the move.

Where do you see free-to-play fitting into all of this?

RD: Increasingly, we'll see free-to-play entry models into franchises, which then give consumers greater scope as to how deep their gaming experience is and how much ultimately they wish to spend on that experience. Game quality will rise and rise across all models, as consumers become increasingly demanding as to what great looks and feels like. This is a challenge that all publishers need to step up to remain successful.


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