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Do's and don'ts of summer resume writing

Mary Brandel | July 23, 2013
The summer months can take on different meanings for job seekers. Some people may put their career aspirations on hold as they try to enjoy the longer daylight hours and (hopefully) vacation time. Others might take advantage of the emptier offices and distracted peers to ignite or jumpstart a job search. Either way, summer is not a bad time to spruce up your resume, especially with recent reports sending mostly positive signals about the hiring outlook.

DO emphasize your business acumen: Especially for IT professionals aiming at leadership positions, it's essential to show your understanding of how technology impacts the business, says Alan Guibord, principal at The Advisory Council International, which consults with senior IT leaders. "Companies are looking for IT leaders who can come in with game-changing ideas," he says. "They want to see how you've shown innovation, helped the company leapfrog the competition, built an efficient organization and implemented ideas with bottomline impact on the business."

Even if you haven't evolved to that level, you can emphasize your collaboration with other management-level people. "Show that you didn't work in a vacuum, but as a team," Guibord says, "and that you've built strong relationships with your peers at the management level."

This mindset shift can be difficult for IT professionals, he says. "The majority of people in IT grew up through the technology side and have trouble viewing themselves in the way the market wants to see them and then presenting that through a resume," he says. A good place to start is through some careful rewording. "Rather than, 'I implemented a new network' or 'I rearchitected the corporate database,' show the specific business benefits and measurable benefits for everything you did," he says.

So before grabbing your towel, beach chair and paperback, maybe spend a few minutes polishing up your resume in case the next knock on your door isn't a summer guest but a new opportunity.


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