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Does your Klout score matter?

James A. Martin | Jan. 28, 2014
Klout is now entering its fifth year. Is the social media scoring service an important indicator of online influence? Or is it just a meaningless number?

For digital marketers, Klout serves an important purpose in identify key industry influencers, says Jason White, senior SEO strategist with Dragon Search Marketing. "Klout is an excellent tool for figuring out who are the luminaries for link building and relationship building."

Your Klout score can help you get clients, too. "As a digital strategist, my Klout score does help prospective clients begin to understand whether or not I'm qualified to help them," says Lisa Richardson of Flow! Web Strategy and Design.

Richardson also teaches college courses on Web design, digital marketing and computer applications. "I explain in my classes that a Klout score is like a grade for your social media activity - and it's very, very hard to make an 'A'." (She notes that President Barack Obama has a Klout score of 99, Stephen Colbert a 91 and Ashton Kutcher an 89.)

If nothing else, Klout can boost self-esteem. "Klout is equal parts ego and feeling your pulse as a social media wiz," notes Varda Meyers Epstein, a communications writer for Watching her score rise and comparing it to that of younger colleagues, she says, "makes me feel like I'm still a player - and that does something for my self-esteem."

At the same time, Epstein acknowledges that, while this contributes to professional success on an emotional level, "In terms of practical application, Klout doesn't really do anything for me."


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