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Digitisation’s labour reduction effect will cause social unrest: Gartner analyst

Zafar Anjum | Jan. 24, 2014
Predictions from Gartner’s team that delved into the top IT-related trends and changing priorities of the CIO

-         The rise of learning machines - By 2017, 20 percent of computers will be learning (like IBM's Watson) rather than processing.

-         The Internet of Things will take off - 15 billion to 1 trillion things will be connected to 2020

-         Wearable Technologies will also take off

An ICT market worth US$4.2 trillion

Andy Rowsell-Jones

Andy Rowsell-Jones, Vice President at Gartner Research

According to Andy Rowsell-Jones, Vice President at Gartner Research, the world's ICT market will be worth US$4.2 trillion by 2017.  He was discussing business model innovation and how to unleash digital value in companies at the same event.

He unveiled his five golden rules to find digitiasation opportunities:

-         For every business issue or opportunity, you must ask yourself: how digital will affect you?

-         Address issue of business cannibalisation (by competitors) quickly and courageously

-         Think of digital and physical in combination

-         Focus on the evolution of your digital ecosystem

-         Embed digital execution in multi-disciplinary teams



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