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Digital design still needs more women

Nicki Sprinz | May 21, 2015
Why just 'leaning in' isn't enough to fix our male-dominated industry, explains ustwo and Ada's List's Nicki Sprinz.

Steps towards achieving equality
The first step we've taken this year is to ask every member of the company what diversity means to them and whether they think ustwo is doing enough to push for equal pay and opportunity for both men and women. Additionally, we're also running a series of workshops to redesign how global governance works with diversity as a key consideration. Baby steps, yes, but acknowledging the problem is a bold step in the right direction.

Striving for equality and gender parity in the workplace demands and deserves the support of men. And here's the good news: in the last five years, I've met more men who count themselves as allies and advocates for the women they work with than ever before.

My former colleagues @rossio and @higgis are both proud feminists who consistently advocated for their female colleagues when seemingly innocuous decisions were made that excluded the women at work, including sending all male teams to pitch, or only sending men to international conferences. I currently work with several proud male feminists: @wadus, @scottewings and @timjameskim to name three - all of whom strive consistently not to interrupt women and work hard to be conscious of their biases.


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