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Corporate and university partnerships aim to close jobs gap

Kacy Zurkus | May 31, 2016
Cybersecurity internship opportunities to look for when applying to colleges.

Pathmaker aims to change that for the cybersecurity degree candidates at Purdue.

Whether the experience serves solely as a means of developing skills or it turns out that the hosting entity wants to make the student a full-time offer, the opportunity is arguably mutually beneficial and has the potential to surpass what one can acquire through traditional classroom learning.

The interns are direct employees of the organization, so students who need to work don't have to flip burgers or dish out sundaes, like I did at Friendly's during my undergrad years. What's more important is that the internship allows students to realize whether their interest is indeed a real passion.

"The students do actual technical work, while earning pay that is higher than they would receive at typical fast-food or retail jobs, and many choose to work for the companies when they graduate," said McCartney.

Certainly there are other universities that are being equally as innovative in trying to help close the cybersecurity jobs gap, which is great because the cost of these partnerships, said McCartney, "Can be somewhat of a bite for small companies."

Many young folks, though, are more attracted to the younger, smaller, more entrepreneurial companies. The more smaller and mid-sized organizations are able to take advantage of establishing these partnerships with universities, the more well-rounded and prepared the next generation of professionals will be to conquer the future challenges of cybersecurity.

What was your internship experience? Connect with me to be a part of this weekly series that looks at the universities to consider for those who are in the process of doing college tours.

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