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CIOs talk hiring and how to win the 'War for Talent'

Tom Kaneshige | May 23, 2014
Technology executives met in San Francisco this week at a CIO Perspectives event to talk recruiting and to share strategies for hiring and managing top-notch tech talent.

One CIO attendee said he was able to inspire staff by letting go of a manager who would often shoot down ideas. The new manager now helps employees get excited about their work by showing them that he is excited about their ideas. "Want to fire people up? Fire somebody," the CIO says.

Praising employees can inspire them to pursue perfection in their work, but CIOs need to praise the right way, warns Morgan. If you praise an employee for being smart, for instance, he might think he's doing all that is expected and might not work as hard in the future. Or he might lie when he screws up, in an effort to maintain his super-smart status.

Instead, Morgan advises CIOs to recognize and reward employees' pursuit of perfection, not the end product.

"Don't praise or encourage intellect and talent," Morgan says. "Do praise for their effort."


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