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CIO Workshop 2012: Shanghai ICT—Four Big Systems

F.Y. Teng | July 24, 2012
Whither goes the big smart city through 2013? Liu Jian, the Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, charts the way.

Liu Jian, Vice Chairman, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

On the second leg of this year's CIO Workshop organised by the professional body IT Management Association of Singapore (ITMA) and global management consulting firm Accenture, held in Shanghai (July 19-21, 2012), the first main speaker of the day Liu Jian, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization presented his city's plans running through the next decade, as it transforms itself into a Smart City that's totally prepped for the future.

In his presentation-"Building Future-oriented Smart City"-Liu covered three topics: the main achievements of informatization development in Shanghai in the last four years; the overall considerations his executive planning teams have had to ponder as they went about putting together their smart city; and, the priorities they determined and now strictly follow as they continue to build it. In this (the third) part of our coverage of his keynote, we look closely at what Liu shared with the region's top CIOs at the CIO Workshop in Shanghai on July 19.

After talking through the many considerations the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization had to bear in mind as they went about planning and crafting policy for turning their city into a paragon of smart city virtues, Liu set about sharing what they had identified as key priorities moving forward.

Liu said that first and foremost their approach toward building their smart city was now about enhancing the capabilities of their broadband network and seeing to intelligent applications across Shanghai. And success in this broad strategy, he continued, rested on the development of four big systems: an information infrastructure system of the highest global standards; a convenient and effective information sensing and intelligent application system; an innovative new generation of IT industry system; and, a credible and reliable regional information security system. He then talked at length about each of these.

World Class Broadband, Wireless and Telecommunications
As part of Shanghai's plans to ramp up its information infrastructure to global standards, Liu said, the city was going to focus on developing the most robust and reliable broadband network, wireless network and telecommunications network, "making [Shanghai the most competitive part of] the country in terms of telecom quality, network bandwidth and [the delivery of] comprehensive [ICT] services."

"Fibre to the home will cover urban areas," Liu said. "[More than] 6.5 million households will have access to FTTH [Fiber to the Home] with the bottom capacity of 20Mbps...The [Shanghai] NGB [Metropolitan Area Network, or MAN] will be [overhauled to support] 4.9 million cable TV users. [As such] China's largest optical broadband network and NGB network will be completed."


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