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CIO Workshop 2012: Shanghai ICT-A Status Report

F.Y. Teng | July 23, 2012
The Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, Liu Jian, and the state of the ICT in his city today.

Next area that Liu talked about was how Shanghai has seen the "innovation ability and industrial level of [its] IT" approved and how now it is now doing well in promoting what he referred to as a "deeper application" of IT in industry. He cited how in Shanghai, they were doing the following exceptionally well: upgrading electronic information manufacturing and speeding up the development of software and information services; developing cloud computing service platforms, as well as, applying and demonstrating the Internet of Things; and, promoting research and development and the industrialization of key technologies, as well as forming a complete industrial chain along the lines of TD-LTE (Time-Division Long-Term Evolution, which is China's home-grown 4G mobile telecommunications standard technology).

Indicative numbers were also cited to show success in these areas. According to Liu: a total value of electronic information manufacturing went from the RMB82 billion of 2000 to RMB706.2 billion in 2011; and, the operating income and information services were pegged at RMB307.5 billion in 2011, and rising at 21.5 percent.

Liu concluded with his status report on Shanghai massive informatization efforts to date by showing the fruits of their labour in the area of information security. The city was giving priority to technology and management, he said, and strengthening the research and development of information security technologies and basic construction.

The application of digital certificates has been further extended, Liu said. The total number of certificates released in 2011 were 2.688 million, whereas it was merely 718,000 in 2006. That showed an annual growth rate of more than 30 percent, he said. And in terms of sales value, the information security industry of Shanghai grew from RMB2.63 billion in 2006 to RMB3.989 billion in 2011.


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