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Careers at Apple - how to get corporate and retail jobs at Apple

Lewis Painter | Feb. 23, 2015
Apple boast a worldwide workforce with everyone from Salesmen to Software Engineers - but how do you get your foot in the door at Apple? Retail or corporate? What career should you choose? Well you're in luck, we've compiled all the information you need!

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The great thing about applying to work at Apple is that it's all done from one place -- there's no need to search endless job sites hoping to find an open position. Once you head over to the Apple careers page, you can browse jobs in both Retail and Corporate. Do you want to know what you need to get a job at Apple? Well, read on...

How to get a job in Apple Retail
The Apple Store can be one of the best places in Retail to work. No sales targets and a fun, relaxed work environment means that you can spend all your time concentrating on the customers needs without having to push expensive products on them.

Apple doesn't take just anyone though; you need to be able to stand out from a crowd -- especially since Apple goes through a lot of applicants to find the right person for the job. Apple tends to look for people that can deliver a great customer experience and really connect with people on a personal level. Qualification wise, Apple seems to welcome anyone and everyone as long as you prove that you have that seemingly indescribable Apple quality that's sought after.

You can read more about the interview process specifics and advice on how to get a job here.

Getting into Corporate Apple
Corporate Apple is where all the business related action happens. For those of you that have the right experience in anything from Design to Human Resources to Sales, there's a career at Apple available. What happens if you don't? Thousands of university students graduate every year with the knowledge to perform in corporate business but often don't have the necessary experience to get the dream job. What's the alternative?

Internships. Internships can be a great way to get into the corporate world at Apple without having the experience. Internships can be a unique opportunity, allowing you to get the experience that you need while being able to network with people and make connections.

For current students, there are Internships available that can be taken as a placement year so that once you graduate, you have the crucial experience that sets you apart from the competition. Don't worry graduates, there's still hope for you yet -- there are various internships that are only available to graduates (namely ones with a 2:1 or higher).

R&D in the UK
If you're looking to get into the R&D side of Apple (and who wouldn't want to, right?) and based in the UK, you might be out of luck. Apple does recruit Hardware and Software engineers to work on the latest Apple products but it seems they're based mainly in the US and China, with a few others dotted around the world. Not all is lost though -- there have been reports that Apple has recently purchased a building in Cambridge for office and R&D purposes! Apple is staying tight lipped on the matter, as they usually do until they're ready to announce it.


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