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Career Watch: On job satisfaction, CIOs' perceptions may be skewed

Jamie Eckle | Jan. 14, 2014
CIOs might need a reality check when it comes to the contentment of their IT staffs, according to Robert Half Technology's latest surveys. Also, Robert Krestakos, Steelcase CIO, answers questions about moving to the private sector and more.

Another benefit of a certification can be the opportunity to build your social network by interacting with other students in the class. And you should also look for insights from your classmates that you can bring back to your own company. That can prove to be a bigger career boost than the certification itself.

I strongly suspect a particular help desk technician of being behind a string of petty thefts in our offices. I'm not a manager myself. What should I do?
You need to be cautious and make sure you get the right parties involved. You should have a talk with your immediate manager and voice your concerns. If you're not comfortable naming the person you suspect directly, point your manager in the right direction and ask him or her to look for signs of what you see happening. If you have an internal security department, you should consider getting it involved also; if not, you might want to turn to the Legal or HR department. But by no means should you confront your co-worker yourself in any way.


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