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Career Watch: A little less stress for IT workers?

Jamie Eckle | May 7, 2013
A survey finds that stress remains high, but it's down significantly from last year.

Finally, you should develop your skills in public speaking, presentations and communications. This is helpful for areas like these that are routinely audited and reviewed. And being able to clearly explain key aspects of these important areas -- such as how they help drive business value -- to executive leaders and other nontechnical people will also contribute to your success.

What are the best programming languages to be familiar with for someone entering the IT field today?

Currently, there is tremendous employer demand in many programming areas. The key thing to do is ensure that your capabilities are well rounded. A programmer who can do analysis, create database structures, write clean code, create testing structures and clearly communicate all that has been done is a very valuable asset.

Businesses are seeing the data that they retain and analyze proliferate. That means that people who understand the programming used to support data and analytics are particularly in demand. If your interest lies in this direction, you should get to know and understand key new data technologies, ETL languages and business intelligence tools. If your passion is to create applications and systems, we seem to be looking for Java and .Net talent constantly. Lastly, I always suggest that you investigate and leverage open-source tools. They can be excellent options for certain needs.


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