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Businesses struggle to hire workers with cloud skills

Sarah K. White | July 11, 2016
As enterprises continue to focus on implementing a cloud infrastructure, many still face roadblocks when it comes to hiring candidates with the right skills.

For smaller businesses that feel they can’t compete with the big-name tech companies when hiring cloud talent, McQueen says to consider reframing the hiring shortage as an advantage and using your small-business status as a way to woo top talent.

For an IT candidate who isn’t interested in joining a massive company, where they will likely be tied to a specific role, small businesses can promise them more flexibility to get creative and help the business flourish – even with limited budgets. For the right candidate, showing them how their efforts would be more impactful and meaningful at a smaller company can oftentimes go further than a swanky offer from a multi-billion dollar tech giant, according to McQueen.

McQueen also suggest that businesses consider looking to third-party services to provide mentoring and support. That is, rather than hiring a third-party service simply to handle your cloud infrastructure, you can bring in a qualified team to help train your current or new employees on how to use the technology. In fact, you may discover that with a little training and preparation, in-house employees who had the right skills all along. Hiring a third-party expert can help get your team ready for cloud adoption with fewer risks throughout the process; it all goes back to implementing a clear and effective cloud strategy to follow through on.  

“The engineers that businesses need are usually drawn to autonomy and well-functioning team processes, and want to see that your organization is at least willing or beginning to remove barriers to innovation,” Tayengco says.” If your organization is still siloed with slow, painful approval processes and no real deployment automation in place, expect less interest in your job postings and high turnover among the engineers you do hire.”


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