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AWS - Providing a platform for ISV innovation

James Henderson | Jan. 13, 2017
Leading vendors are competing at breakneck pace to attract top ISV talent

Check the street posters and the billboards - a new act is in town.

Billed as the headline performer, for centuries theatres around the world have fought to house the best talent on the planet, providing a platform to amaze wave after wave of customers from Sydney to Stockholm.

Today, the rise of the independent software vendor (ISV) is creating a technological equivalent.

Also billed as a headline performer, leading vendors are competing at breakneck pace to attract top ISV talent, providing a cloud platform capable of fostering innovation on a global scale.

In providing such a framework, ISVs are becoming channel superstars, with vendors clamouring to create cloud-friendly environments to ensure ongoing profitability and growth.

“ISVs are important because they consume our platform, but more importantly they provide innovative solutions to our end customers,” Amazon Web Services head of channels and alliances, Stefan Jansen, said.

In keeping with sustained public cloud services market growth of 16.5 per cent - reaching $US204 billion in 2016 - AWS is taking advantage of a rise in cloud application services (SaaS), which are forecast to grow 20.3 per cent this year, reaching $US37.7 billion according to Gartner.

“It’s clear that SaaS consumption will overtake traditional software with the consumption of applications and SaaS-based products continuing to rise,” Jansen added.

In the wake of such seismic SaaS activity, and with a partner network comprising on consultancy and technology partners, AWS is betting on its ISV channel to keep itself at the leading edge of the industry.

Working closely with born-in-the-cloud ISVs, Jansen said the expanding footprint of the AWS cloud – spanning 38 availability zones within 14 geographic regions – is helping partners realise both local and global ambitions.

“Born-in-the-cloud ISVs are instantly global,” Jansen said.

Australian innovation

Closer to home however, Australia represents a growing hotbed of companies rising through the AWS cloud ranks to capture new customers, both large and small.

“Take Versent as an example,” Jansen explained. “Rather than building a traditional software business, you can just spin it up through the cloud and away you go.

“It’s an emerging trend as more companies begin to follow suit.”

Stefan Jansen - Head of channels and alliances, Amazon Web Services
Stefan Jansen - Head of channels and alliances, Amazon Web Services

As one of the country’s fastest growing AWS consulting partners, the Melbourne-based company opened its doors in January 2015, before growing to 105 staff, servicing over 70 customers with close to $20 million in revenue.

“They saw an opportunity based on the conversations they had with enterprise customers and realised a need for consulting services driving automation, security and agile,” Jansen added. “As they’ve developed they are now delivering to multiple enterprise customers not only in Australia, but also Singapore.


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