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As the digital revolution kills jobs, social unrest will rise

Patrick Thibodeau | Oct. 8, 2013
Gartner offers up 10 strategic predictions for the next 10 years

4. By 2017, 80% of consumers will give up private information in exchange for some type of benefit. "People are getting more used to the idea," said Plummer.

5. By 2020, enterprises and government will fail to protect 75% of sensitive data. "The reality is you don't protect it today," said Plummer, of the data. The alternative is to give up access to data that really isn't sensitive, and not try to protect all data access the board. "We should be focusing on the data that really needs to be protected," he said.

6. By 2024, machines will play a bigger role in protecting humans with "non-overridable 'smart systems,'" says Gartner. Cars are already getting this technology, such as a braking system that can respond faster than a human.

7. By 2020, smart machines will disrupt knowledge workers in both positive and negative ways. Imagine training your replacement, a machine, to take over your job. The thing to watch, says Gartner, are revenues earned by IBM from Watson, the Jeopardy-playing supercomputer. Gartner expects Watson to account for 1.5% of IBM revenues by the end of 2015, and 10% by 2018.

8. By 2017, 10% of computers will be learning. Expect more use of speech recognition.

9. By 2020, consumer data collected from wearable devices will drive 5% of sales from the global 1000 firms.


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