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Apple forcing IT shops to "adapt or die"

John Cox | Feb. 1, 2012
Many IT departments are struggling with Apple's "take it or leave it" attitude, based on discussions last week at MacIT, which is Macworld|iWorld's companion conference for IT professionals.

Reflexively, Greisler said, IT groups often engage in circular reasoning: they insist on managing devices, because they have to be controlled, and they have to be controlled because one has to manage them. "Protecting the data is the real goal, not 'controlling the device' or 'managing as fully as we did in the past' with something like [RIM's] BlackBerry Enterprise Server," Greisler said.

Zimmerman's Welch added "My job [in IT] is to say 'yes' [to users] whenever possible."

These are insights and recommendations worth considering. Perhaps we really are in a world where the iOS devices like iPad and iPhone are leading us, including the "us" who are employees, into a brave new world of hyper-individualized mobile computing. I think there will be as-yet-unknown costs to that, due to the "law" of unintended consequences.

In the meantime, welcoming Apple into the enterprise might impose significant changes on your infrastructure. Take it or leave it. Adapt or die.


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