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An event for the CIOs by CIOs

Jack Loo | May 22, 2013
The 26th edition of CIO Workshop will have a strong focus on mobility

Held every year since 1988, the CIO Workshop is a conference that aims to serve as a platform for IT leaders in Singapore to discuss the challenges facing the technology community.

Jointly organised by the Singapore IT Management Association (ITMA) and Accenture, the event kicks off on 28 May in Singapore. It then moves to Seoul, for the next four days, where CIOs from across Singapore and Seoul will share their experiences at the conference and through site visits.

The theme for the 26th CIO Workshop is CIO: Leading into the Next Frontier, looking at how consumer technologies can create opportunities for CIOs to innovate and lead in their organisations.

Mark Tham Accenture

Mark Tham

CIO Asia spoke with Mark Tham who is the chairman of the board of advisors who crafted the direction and theme of the Workshop, to find more about the theme and objectives for this year's Workshop. Stepping into the role of chairman for the first time this year, Tham is also managing director, Health & Public Service, Accenture.

1) Compared to the past Workshops, there seems to be a more upbeat tone in the last two Workshops. Is this an indication of the direction of the economy? And what role does the CIO play in this changing world?

There is confidence that the global market would grow at a moderate pace this year despite the uncertainty facing western economies. This year's CIO Workshop seeks to explore and unravel how consumer technologies are powering world economies and how convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres are creating opportunities for organisations to innovate and lead in ways that are unprecedented. CIOs need to be cognizant of the paradigm shift in the use of technology and remain flexible in leading their organisations into the next frontier.

2) While the 2012 Workshop focused on digitisation and analytics, there seems to be a strong focus on mobility in this year's Workshop. Why did the board of advisors choose this theme?

Advances in smartphones and other mobile devices have transformed these tools from being a channel of convenience to a primary means of digital interaction. Not only will mobility connect more of the marketplace to the Web, it will also offer advantages previously impossible in e-commerce.

By emphasising mobility as a key area of focus at our workshop this year, we hope to share how the new age of mobility has and will continue to open up a myriad of opportunities for companies, in both commerce and in the workplace.

3) How will the presentations help bring the message on mobility across to the delegates?


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