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9 hidden talents of devops ninjas

Adam Bertram | Jan. 26, 2016
The secret to devops success begins with an open, flexible, and lazy approach to systems and code.

You must understand that a server itself is simply a host. What allows an organization to quickly recover from service downtime is the code itself. The code is the blueprint. If your house is destroyed and must be rebuilt, without the initial blueprints, you're going to have to build a house from scratch again.

Your talents should never be hidden

Truth be told, there are no "hidden" traits or talents of a devops ninja. Anyone practicing devops wouldn't even be considered a ninja if you didn't show these talents in the first place. These are nine talents that all successful devops team members possess and demonstrate in full view of their colleagues every single day. If they are hidden and you deeply believe you possess these talents, show them off! Organizations notice and praise these talents. If you try to hide them to fit in with an organization that doesn’t appreciate these skills, you have more successful organizations that will pay you a much higher salary for them.


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