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5 video interviewing platforms put candidates on camera to help you hire your next star

Christina DesMarais | Nov. 11, 2013
Market your job opening, pre-screen prospects, and interview applicants more efficiently with these tools.

"One of the things that we know through experience is the candidate experience is paramount, it's critical," says Heikkinen. "They simply click on a link, there are no downloads, and then they are welcomed by the client. It's a virtual experience that mirrors as much as possible the physical experience."

Heikkinen says Montage might cost a small company around $750 a month, whereas a huge enterprise might pay tens of thousands of dollars a month.


Steve Throneberry, chief revenue officer for InterviewStream, likens the service to "a toaster, not the whole kitchen." It's designed strictly for conducting video interviews and not for broader recruiting functions, but it can be integrated with other applicant-tracking software. InterviewStream boasts customers such as Johnson & Johnson and Dell, and Montage charges big companies in excess of $10,000 a month to use its platform. However, it also offers monthly subscriptions that are as low as $150 a month for one user, making the platform accessible to small businesses as well.

Throneberry says interviews recorded by candidates on their own time typically include four to seven questions, each with a 1- to 2-minute response length. The hiring company sets the number of opportunities to rerecord.

In addition to prerecorded interviews that can be branded to reflect a company's image, InterviewStream offers three kinds of live, recordable interviews: a regular InterviewStream live session in which a handful of people can meet online with a candidate; a Zoom meeting for up to 20 participants; and a one-on-one, browser-based (WebRTC) session in HD video.


Jobvite Video is currently being used in beta with select customers and will be launching to the public in January. CEO Dan Finnigan says Jobvite is distinctive for its entire suite of integrated recruiting software tools, including applicant tracking, recruiter CRM, and social recruiting software. Video interviewing is the newest addition to the lineup.

"Up until this point, anyone who's done video interviewing has had to buy a separate product offered by a separate vendor and hope that it can integrate it in some fashion with their applicant tracking software," Finnegan says. "We felt it wasn't a separate recruiting platform--you don't want to schedule interviews in your applicant tracking software and then have interviews scheduled on your video recruiting platform. You want one recruiting platform."

With Jobvite you can configure branded welcome pages, set expirations on your invitations, and compare candidates side-by-side. You can also decide whether to allow candidates to rehearse responses. Once they've finished recording, you click the job requisition and an individual's name to see the person's résumé and LinkedIn profile, along with other information that Jobvite gathers about the person, as well as the video interview.


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