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5 characteristics of top project managers

Brad Egeland | Aug. 20, 2015
Top project managers often share key characteristics that make them successful.The best project managers bring these 5 characteristics to the table on every project they manage.

4. A connected leader. The best PMs are connected in the organization. I’m not saying you manipulate. Not at all. But you look at your projects and consider what connections are going to serve you, your team, your project and your project client the best, and you work to make those connections happen. For me it’s always someone in accounting to get the best financial information for my project – good connections can make that happen effortlessly on a weekly basis.

It’s also good to have good connections on the development leadership team when dealing with technical projects because you want to get the best tech resources available TO YOU whenever possible. Preferential treatment happens to those who work for it. And never forget the old adage…”do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Be kind…be nice…be honest…but be strategic as well. And be selfish for your projects and project clients.

5. Above reproach. Finally, always be above reproach. Don’t be Hillary Clinton staring a failed presidential bid in the face because you misused email and can’t get past the lies and deceit. Staying away from felonies is a good piece of advice. Clean out the closet – no skeletons. And do what you say you’re going to do…follow-through builds a great reputation. Be honest and of high integrity. Leaders don’t have the loudest voice…they have the best actions.

Summary / call for feedback

How about our readers? What would you add to this list? What characteristics make the best project managers in your opinion? I know I could add several more to this list but I’m looking forward to input and discussion from the community.


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