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4 tips to help you resign without burning bridges

Sarah K. White | Dec. 16, 2016
Leaving an executive position will require more than just two-weeks' notice. The process can take months. But these four tips will help you resign without burning any bridges.

"Jumping from one company to another in the same industry can develop into a bad reputation. You become less trustworthy," he says. Other companies might assume you're one to just leap at the next best offer, without considering your current position. It goes back to the idea that executive leadership in tech is a small industry, so you always need to protect your reputation.

While it's typically not a good idea to leave for a competitor, there is some gray area, says Cruikshank. If the deal is truly too good to pass up, and you're on good terms with your colleagues, he says it's OK to at least broach the subject with them to get feedback.

Ultimately, when you leave -- whether it's for a competitor or not -- you want to maintain as much transparency as possible to ease the concerns of employees, investors and industry professionals. Cluroe says remaining vague is only going to create more suspicion around your departure.

"You need to be as truthful with your team as you can be, without creating heartburn for the company. Talk with your own boss about how best to get the message across. Then, make sure you talk to all your direct reports rather than just dropping them an email, and take time to answer their questions," he says.


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