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4 LinkedIn tips for career success in 2013

Kristin Burnham | Jan. 11, 2013
Whether your New Year's resolution is to land that promotion, ask for a raise or find your dream job, here's how you can take charge and make it a reality.

Past work experience: If you include only your most-recent work experience in your LinkedIn profile, you're doing yourself a disservice, Williams says. Be sure to fill out our profile with all of your past experience and relevant skills.

"Your LinkedIn profile should be the opposite of your resume, which is where you typically only list your most recent work experience," Williams says. "Hiring managers will perform searches for people with 10 years of experience, but if your profile doesn't include information that far back, you could be missing out."

Even if you don't think a past experience is relevant to what you're doing today, include it anyway, she says. "You never know what about your past will be of interest to a recruiter. Put as much information out there to make sure you're identifiable and can be quickly found," Williams says.

4. Make New Connections

When it comes to how many LinkedIn connections you should have, the magic number is at least 50, Williams says. Reaching 50 helps you take better advantage of extended relationships, which are second- or third-degree connections.

"Building your connections is about meaningful connections," Williams says. "Five is too few, but 500 is too many."

Williams also recommends focusing on reconnecting with the connections you already have. "Rebuild a rapport by sending them an article you've read or a message to say Happy New Year," she says. "It's important to keep these connections lukewarm in the event you need them later in the year."


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