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4 LinkedIn tips for career success in 2013

Kristin Burnham | Jan. 11, 2013
Whether your New Year's resolution is to land that promotion, ask for a raise or find your dream job, here's how you can take charge and make it a reality.

If your New Year's resolutions include work promises and goals, you're not alone: According to LinkedIn Connection Director Nicole Williams, professional resolutions are on the rise.

"The new year always tends to come along with a sense of optimism, and it's one of the best times to invest time and energy into your profile because there are more employers hiring and headhunters looking for candidates," says Williams.

Here's a look at four ways you can improve your profile, rekindle relationships with your connections and keep your 2013 resolutions.

1. Start a LinkedIn Group

There are thousands of LinkedIn Groups to join-and you likely belong to a handful of them-but in 2013, Williams recommends trying something different by creating a group of your own dedicated to accomplishing professional goals.

"There's a certain accountability that goes along with the group mentality. Message your contacts and tell them you have a new career goal and you'd like them to join a group," she says. "Use the group to brainstorm ideas for success and discuss topics like what happens when you fail and how to stay on track. Your contacts will appreciate that you're taking the initiative."

Creating a LinkedIn Group is easy: Navigate to the Groups tab at the top and select "Create a Group." Fill out the following form, which asks you to upload a logo, decide on a group name, and then add summary, description and access permissions. Your group can be open to anyone or searchable only by those whom you invite.

2. Model Yourself After Someone You Admire

If you know where in your career you'd like to be this year-or in years to come-but aren't sure how to get there, Williams suggests you find someone on LinkedIn who you admire, look at his or her profile, and track their career trajectory.

"You don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to career trajectory, so identify three or four people who are steps ahead of you and reach out to them," she says. "Say you admire them and that they're doing something you want to do. The chances are someone will respond to you and be open to answering any questions you may have."

Once you're connected with this person, browse their updates to see what kinds of articles they're reading, where they went to school, who they're connected with and what groups they belong to, Williams recommends.

3. Update Your Profile

Take some time this month to review your profile, fill in any holes and update your information, Williams says. Two areas to focus on: your profile picture and your past work experience.

Profile picture: Your profile is seven times more likely to be viewed if you include a profile picture, Williams says, but it's more about reflecting a positive energy than "looking your prettiest," she says. "Make sure you're smiling and have life in your eyes; this isn't your classic passport picture."


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