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15 tips for landing - and acing - a job interview

Jeff Snyder | Feb. 5, 2013
Talk about teamwork, be prepared to discuss your weaknesses, don't forget to interview the interviewer, and more advice from an executive recruiter.

14. Stay sharp from beginning to end: You want to be yourself when you interview. Stay relaxed from start to finish, but resist the temptation to get too comfortable too soon by assuming that the job is yours and that you can let your guard down.

By the way, there is no excuse for being late to the interview. Always arrive early and if need be just relax in the parking lot and get a feel for the organization until 10 minutes before you are expected. When asked to deliver documents or complete an online application process, do so with diligence and deliver on or before the agreed-upon due date.

15. Follow up after the interview: Interviewers aren't thanked for their time as often as you might think. Have a follow-up plan in mind before you engage in an interview. If you're going to use email, make sure you get business cards from those you encounter. If you're going to use a handwritten thank-you note, make sure you have the correctly spelled names and titles of the interviewers, and make sure you have correct mailing address information.

Be sure you don't leave anyone out when you follow up. You never know who might be impressed by your follow-up or who might be offended if they've been left out.


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