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15 LinkedIn tips to improve your job search

Rich Hein | Sept. 24, 2012
Using LinkedIn strategically can help give you an edge over your competition. But where do you start?

The most common way of getting a recommendation is to recommend someone else. Seek out recommendations only with people who know your work well. The same holds true for providing recommendations.

8. Set Your Profile to Public

Unless you're a celebrity or in the witness protection program then you should have your profile set so that the public can view it. LinkedIn allows non-logged in users and search crawlers access to your public profile, however, your public profile has limited information available by default. If you are on the hunt for a job then you want to turn on full-view.

Setting your profile this way is good if potential employers are browsing because they can see your entire profile and if you've taken the time to set up it up right, they will notice you. It's also good from an SEO perspective, allowing search engines to crawl some pertinent information regarding a very important topic, you.

Doing this is easy, click on settings:

LinkedIn Profile Settings Link

Now in the "Profile" tab click on the link entitled, "Edit your public profile". On the right you will see the "Public Profile" settings. Click the portions you want to share and the settings are saved automatically.

LinkedIn Public Profile Settings

9. Update Your Contact Information

You want employers to be able to find your profile and see what you're about but if your contact information is out of date then you may never get that chance. So get in there and add your most recent email addresses. Make sure that you use a personal email for your primary account. Nothing is worse than being locked out of an account because you can't get a password recovery email.

In the "Additional Information" section you'll also want to add links to your personal site, as well as your social networking links.

10. Setup a LinkedIn Vanity URL

Vanity URLs are cleaner than a URL string of random letters and numbers, and they can be customized to include your first and last name. Having a URL with your name in it is also important from an SEO perspective.

To set up your own vanity URL, click Profile from the top menu and choose Edit Profile. Then, click edit next to the URL beneath your image.

How to setup a LinkedIn vanity URL

On the right side of the page beneath your Public Profile settings is where your current URL is listed. Click edit to customize it.

11. Add LinkedIn Badges to Your Websites

A LinkedIn badge is a small image that is linked to your LinkedIn profile. You can use it in your email signatures, website, other social networking sites or any online profiles you maintain. This creates backlinks to your profile page, which improves your SEO rankings.


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