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14 tips to help new college grads land a (good) IT job

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | June 27, 2012
According to a recent Dice hiring survey of nearly 1,200 IT-focused hiring managers and recruiters, demand for technology professionals should continue to be strong through 2012, with "24 percent of corporate hiring managers saying they were hiring at the entry level," according to Tom Silver, senior vice president, Dice. "It's not the levels that we saw pre-recession, but similar to last year."

Show your enthusiasm for the job and the company. "We love what we do, that's why we do it," says Simon Lee, CEO, Locassa, an app development agency based in London. Lee loves meeting candidates who are enthusiastic about Locassa. "Enthusiasm is infectious, and I absolutely want that in my office," he states. "If you are going into IT because you love tech, don't be afraid to show it, after all, that's why we're in IT too."

Know what you don't know. "No one knows everything, so don't try to suggest you do," says Dean. "If asked about a topic you aren't familiar with, instead of fabricating fiction, relate it back to something you are familiar with, or provide details on how you would go about becoming better informed," he advises. Just don't try to BS. "If you are willing to BS in an interview, I have to assume you are willing to do the same in front of a client (internal stakeholders and/or external paying customers)," not a good thing in his book.

Be willing to start on the ground floor. "With the job market the way it is, an 'I will do anything' attitude goes a long way," says Stasiak. And if it's the right company, "while the pay may not be [ideal], you have the advantage of learning the basics surrounded by experts, which can result in a massive payoff once you hit your career stride."

"Prepare well, research the company, know the skills needed for the job, and apply for a job you are adequately prepared, knowledgeable and have a passion for!" says Dean.



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