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10 tips to prepare for an IT job video interview

Rich Hein | Sept. 25, 2013
Learn what it takes to set up and be ready for your video interview, so you can focus on what's important -- getting the job.

If you're about to go through this process and you're nervous, Young says, "Relax, there aren't many differences aside from lighting and environment from a regular interview." Above all don't fidget too much. A sticky note next to your camera with something like sit up straight or relax and focus on the camera can help you get the posture you want. Stay Aware of the Time

Another factor in the asynchronous format is that there may be time limits on how long you can take to answer a question or set of questions. "Be wary of those time limits; you don't want to answer too quickly but you also don't want to be cut off mid-sentence," says Young.

Many employers, according to Young, will allow a certain amount of time per question and this is simply to keep the interview moving along. They don't want a candidate taking 20 minutes on a response. In his experience while they don't give the questions out in advance, they do give the time limitations so if you're unsure, ask.

Interview Basics
The remainder of the video interview is much like any other interviews. Some of the major keys to success are preparation, asking the right questions and knowing your own value. You can read more on how to prepare for the executive IT interview here but below are the bullet points.

  • Arm yourself with information on the company you're interviewing with.
  • If possible, find out information about who specifically you will be interviewing with.
  • Think about the questions a potential employer might ask and formulate solid answers for those questions.
  • Practice with and get feedback from colleagues.
  • Know what your best achievements are, tie those to the company's bottom-line and know how to articulate them.
  • Be in control of your body language.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Close strong and follow-up.

Many IT jobs will also include a technical portion of the interview. 


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