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10 tips for building your executive brand

Sarah K. White | July 28, 2017
Cultivating your professional brand as an executive takes time, energy and patience. These ten tips will get you on the right path to building a successful reputation.

“Are there presentations you've created that you can publish to SlideShare? Can you get a recording of any public speaking you've done? All of this can be shared via your social channels as well,” says Erickson.

Whether it’s articles, video or other content, you want to generate some type of original content on a regular basis to boost your professional image.


Build a web presence

LinkedIn is easy to use and accessible, but once you hit the executive level, you might want to step it up a notch and get your own domain.

“For my clients the first tool we look at is the personal website. Everything else we use to build a personal brand whether it's social media, PR, a book, etc., ultimately drives traffic back to that website where one of our top goals is to build an email list,” says Josh Steimle, CEO of Influencer, and personal branding coach for CMOs and executives.

Steimle recommends using WordPress and, unless you have the web development skills, he suggests hiring a professional to “create a custom design from scratch, rather than using a template.” Focus on photography and video, especially if you plan to focus on public speaking in your career.


Find out what works for you

You’ll find plenty of tips and recommendations for building your personal brand, but Steimle says that what works for you will depend on your industry and “executive needs.”

“Some people are critical of executives who aren't active on Twitter or Instagram, but maybe that's not the best way for those executives to build their personal brand. Maybe that's not where their audience is gathering. The best tip I can give is go to where your audience is and give them what they want, the way they want it,” he says.

If your audience prefers YouTube, then follow your audience to that platform, but if you find they’re more inclined to use Facebook, focus your efforts there instead.


Be valuable

You can’t be entirely self-serving while building your professional brand, you need to bring something of value to the table. By making yourself valuable, you will become harder to forget.

“A personal brand requires attention, and attention gravitates towards value. If you're not providing value on a regular basis then you'll be forgotten. It's not a case of ‘What have you done for me lately?’ It's that if you disappear, your audience won't even ask that question. You simply don't exist anymore,” says Steimle.


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