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10 tips for building your executive brand

Sarah K. White | July 28, 2017
Cultivating your professional brand as an executive takes time, energy and patience. These ten tips will get you on the right path to building a successful reputation.


Keep it casual

Just because it’s your professional image, that doesn’t mean you always need to keep it professional. While this advice will depend on your industry, and the culture within your organization or field, Chateau says that “professionalism is overrated for building a personal brand.”

Have some fun with your image and make sure you stay personable and relatable. While you want to always keep it appropriate, don’t be afraid to let loose every now and then.


Take the stage at industry-related events

If you can get on a panel or land a presentation at an industry event or conference, it can help generate “buzz,” says Cohen. It can “heighten how you are perceived by peers and by the recruiter community. By being asked to speak or participate on a panel you are being endorsed as a thought leader.”

Any time you can position yourself as an expert in your field and as a thought leader, it will help solidify your reputation. You can quickly become the person others turn to when they have questions, or if there’s a new exciting opportunity.


Be a source

Never turn down the opportunity to be available for interviews, but first make sure you are “authorized to speak on behalf of your company,” says Cohen. If your business is hesitant to have another spokesperson, “demonstrate why your voice is desirable,” he says.

Acting as an expert source can help legitimize and strengthen the “perception of you as an expert,” says Cohen. It will boost your online presence, align you as an industry leader and generate stronger search results on Google and LinkedIn.


Hit the share button

Part of cultivating a professional brand requires interacting with your network and audience online. One easy way to do that is by sharing your “media diet,” says David Erickson, vice president of Online Marketing for Minneapolis public relations firm, Karwoski & Courage.

“Once you've reached an executive leadership level, you've likely built a routine of media consumption of industry news. Extend that habit to sharing what you read, watch or listen to online. Add a comment about why you think a particular article, video clip or podcast is significant,” he says.

Set aside time each day to share interesting articles and to interact on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Erickson suggests scheduling tweets and posts, so you can regularly share throughout the day without stopping throughout the day to log into the app.


Create original content

There are so many easy ways to share your expertise and thoughts, whether it’s through blog posts, LinkedIn articles, Twitter or a personal website. And if writing isn’t your thing, you can opt for other types of shareable content.


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