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10 signs you need to update your resume

Sharon Florentine | Feb. 24, 2016
In a perfect world, you'd treat your resume like a living document and update it continuously throughout your career. In the real world, family, home and professional responsibilities can get in the way. Here are 10 events that call for a resume refresh.

6. You've completed additional education or achieved a certification

Congratulations. You're now a CCNA, or a CISSP, or an MCSE, or a Scrum master. You worked hard to graduate cum laude from that MBA program, or to graduate first in your class from that coding boot camp. Now, update your resume as soon as possible -- while it is still fresh in your mind -- to take advantage of the new opportunities and potential for earnings growth that education can provide.

7. You joined a new professional association

If you recently joined a new professional organization (like the IEEE or a similar group), make sure you include this information on your resume. Affiliations with professional organizations shows potential employers that you're keeping up with trends and news in the industry and that you're willing to participate in discussions around how to improve your field.

8. You're volunteering with a new nonprofit

Volunteer work is a major selling point when you're looking for a new position, in addition to just being a great way to give back to your community and the world at large. If you don't already volunteer, consider doing so.

9. You've joined a new association or nonprofit board

Serving on the board of a new association or a nonprofit can show that you're a great team player who's invested in prominent companies or nonprofit organizations that are giving back to the community. It's an honor to be asked to sit on a board, so don't forget to add this to your resume.

10. You've received performance feedback

What can you do with your latest performance feedback? Don't let it languish, unseen, in a file cabinet or on a hard drive -- add relevant information to your resume; accomplishments, achievements, initiatives, teamwork, skills-building and the like can have a major impact on your market value. Consider, too, having your supervisor write a LinkedIn recommendation based on this feedback.


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