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10 job search tips for introverts

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 25, 2013
Being introverted doesn't have to slow your progress when it comes time to ramp up your career. In fact, introverts have many characteristics that help them succeed in the IT world. However, it's important you understand your characteristics and can control -- and even take advantage of -- them.

4. Use the Web to research companies and people
Do your homework. Online research can go a long way toward easing the anxiety of applying and interviewing for a job, says Borre. You'll show up for the interview prepared with talking points, questions, and with a better sense of whether the job would be a good fit for you.

"This is a great way to discover if there's a shared interest or common technology," says Borre. "Then, you can go into the interview with common ground and something to talk about, which can help break the ice and put you at ease," she says.

5. Strengthen Your Web presence and use it to network
Make a website, an online portfolio, or a blog to highlight your professional achievements and capitalize on your existing connections. Let friends and colleagues on social media sites know that you're job hunting, and search out potential connections and jobs; the Web offers a much less stressful networking opportunity than in-person career fairs or live networking events.

6. Plan and rehearse questions, conversations
For most introverts, the fear of not being prepared for these kinds of interactions is the most overwhelming part of interviewing. So, plan out and rehearse small talk, conversation starters, even interview questions and your responses, says Borre.

By practicing in advance, you remove some of the stress of coming up with a response on the spot, she says.

"Practice makes perfect. Everyone needs an interview to get a job, right? By practicing small talk, questions that might be asked, and your responses, you can figure out how to steer the conversation. You can even get a friend to help you go through possible scenarios and questions ahead of time," Borre says.

7. Consider working with a mentor, a recruiter, or both
Borre suggests that working with a recruiter and/or mentor can help overcome both the stress of the overall job search, the initial contact with potential employers and to set up interviews.

While it's not an option for every type of job, it could help give you more confidence, and get your foot in the door without cold-calling or networking. "And once you have a mentor or recruiter, they also can help coach you in interviews and follow up contacts," Borre says.

8. Give yourself time to recharge between meetings or interviews
Multiple, back-to-back interviews can be torture for introverts, who tend to need a fair amount of alone time to recharge, says Borre. If you can, try to leave some time between meetings to rejuvenate - you can do this in your car, in the restroom, by taking a short walk outside, or even on public transportation, she says.


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