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Most inspiring books for CIOs and IT leaders

Best books for CIOs and technology leaders 2018


The biggest data breaches in the ASEAN region

Why data breaches are a major problem in the ASEAN region & a list of the most serious incidents in the recent years

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Best practices for enterprise email security

With 90% of cyberattacks now carried out by email it’s never been more important to make sure your email security strategy is fit for purpose

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Top blockchain startups in Southeast Asia

Listicle of some of the most innovative startups in the Southeast Asian region

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How are countries in Southeast Asia embracing green technology?

Southeast Asia has huge potential for renewable energy but historically, these resources have been largely ignored. We take a look at how the push for green technology is set to change this.

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From CIO to CEO: How to make the step up & whether you should

Although transitions from CIO to CEO are still infrequent, today more than ever IT executives have the opportunity to achieve the highest rank in an organisation.

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How to find and implement emerging technologies as a CIO

Emerging technologies can be beneficial to your organisation but which one should you look for?

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Smart city profile: Makassar

A city known for its hospitality and culture, Makassar aims to be at the forefront of the smart cities initiative in Indonesia and the wider ASEAN region

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How CIOs can build brand awareness

What should a CIO be doing to raise the profile of their organisation and grow customer engagement?

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How CIOs can align IT with business strategy

Technology holds an essential role in the business stage and the alignment of IT and business strategies has become an indispensable feature for any organisation’s success and functionality. Here we see what IT governance is all about...

Define your organization's culture

How can CIOs create a positive company culture?

Corporate culture can define a business, so how do you go about implementing one that helps your company and its employees to thrive?

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How CIOs can promote diversity and inclusion

Tips for CIOs to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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What lessons can Southeast Asia learn from China’s digital revolution?

As China continues to make digital waves, are there any lessons countries in Southeast Asia can learn from its successes?

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How Singapore is using artificial intelligence

Although still behind Indonesia and Thailand, Singapore is committed to make itself the AI pioneer in the ASEAN region

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Why is Thailand dubbed a 'startup nation'?

During a recent forum under the name of ‘Renovating Thailand by Young Scientists’, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that he expects his country to become a global startup centre that can attract businesses from all around the...

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How to implement a successful security plan

How to implement a successful security plan in 8 steps

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Top healthtech startups in Malaysia

List of the 10 top healthtech startups in Malaysia 2018

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly hard to define, but why is this?

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