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Define your organization's culture

How can CIOs create a positive company culture?

Corporate culture can define a business, so how do you go about implementing one that helps your company and its employees to thrive?

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How CIOs can promote diversity and inclusion

Tips for CIOs to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace

asia chinatown downtown city street china signs pixabay tookapic

What lessons can Southeast Asia learn from China’s digital revolution?

As China continues to make digital waves, are there any lessons countries in Southeast Asia can learn from its successes?

7 artificial intelligence

How Singapore is using artificial intelligence

Although still behind Indonesia and Thailand, Singapore is committed to make itself the AI pioneer in the ASEAN region

Map  >  Thailand

Why is Thailand dubbed a 'startup nation'?

During a recent forum under the name of ‘Renovating Thailand by Young Scientists’, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said that he expects his country to become a global startup centre that can attract businesses from all around the...

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How to implement a successful security plan

How to implement a successful security plan in 8 steps

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Top healthtech startups in Malaysia

List of the 10 top healthtech startups in Malaysia 2018

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What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly hard to define, but why is this?

Yeo Beng Huay - CIO at Singapore Customs

Singapore Customs CIO speaks about the Smart Nation and NTP

Interview with Yeo Beng Huay, CIO at Singapore Customs on the role of the CIO, the Smart Nation initiative, the NTP and digital transformation

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Best enterprise-grade password managers 2018

Southeast Asia is no stranger to data breaches. Here are eight password management solutions to help keep your enterprise secure.

alex tan group chief digital and technology officer at singpost october 2018 image requested by cri

SingPost Chief Digital and Technology Officer on Singapore’s postal services digital strategy

In an interview with CIO Asia, Alex Tan, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer at SingPost, spoke about the company’s innovative digital services and the prominence that ecommerce has in Singapore’s post industry

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How to motivate your team after a setback

How to get your team back on track after suffering a professional disappointment

Kuala Lumpur skyline and traffic light trails at dusk, Malaysia, Southeast Asia

Top 10 Smart Cities in Southeast Asia

List of the top 10 Smart Cities in Southeast Asia (ASEAN), including Phuket, Mandalay, Singapore, Hanoi, Jakarta, New Clark City, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Makassar and Danang.

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CTOs in Southeast Asia: Salary expectations & job description

What are the responsibilities and salary of Chief Technology Officers?

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How Singapore is using blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies

The uses of blockchain go far beyond cryptocurrencies. In this feature we examine how Singapore is using the digital ledger in eight different industries, including the airline industry, education, government / public sector, real...

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How smart hospitals are dealing with cybersecurity

The healthcare industry is using technology to digitilise the sector and make 'smart hospitals'. But how is it confronting the threat of cyber risks? Here we examine how smart hospitals are working and cybersecurity in healthcare.

industrial iot internet of things smart enterprise

Which companies are using IoT in Southeast Asia?

The Internet of Things (IoT) across Southeast Asia is being used in different sectors and for a myriad of purposes including healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, smart homes, or the industrial internet, just to name a few. Here we...


Eximchain launches blockchain-based global supply chain network

Founded at MIT, the innovative startup moved operations to Singapore to take advantage of its position as a trade hub, its talent pool and supportive business environment

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