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mwc mcafee

McAfee CTO in APAC on the risks of using the cloud & the impact of emerging tech

McAfee CTO in APAC talks about the risks of using the cloud and the impact of emerging tech in cybersecurity


How CIOs in Asia are achieving enterprise automation

IT executives from Asian companies tell about how the adoption of enterprise automation has benefit their businesses.

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What CIOs can learn from startups

As startups continue to dominate the digital landscape, what lessons can today’s CIO learn from these emerging companies?

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Top Fintech startups in Singapore

As the startup scene in Singapore goes from strength to strength, we take a closer look at some of the city-state’s up and coming Fintech companies.

sap cloud platform

SAP CIO interview: SAP's digital transformation in SE Asia

Manik Narayan Saha, CIO at SAP APAC & Japan, speaks to CIO Asia about his role at the software giant and digital transformation in the region

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What CIOs can expect from the ASEAN digital revolution

Is ASEAN going through a digital revolution?

data center technician

Why are businesses relocating data centres to Southeast Asia?

Why data centres are relocating to Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region

certification graduate mortar board digital transformation tech skills

How businesses in Southeast Asia are closing the tech skills gap

A closer look at what countries in Southeast Asia are doing to overcome the critical talent deficit they’re set to face over the next decade

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How Singapore is using blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies

Blockchain is not bitcoin and the digital ledger’s uses go far beyond cryptocurrencies

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How to rebuild your business reputation in the cyberage

Tips to managing your company's reputation in the cyberage

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How CIOs in Southeast Asia are managing IT budgets

As resources get tighter and costs continue to sprawl, just how does today’s CIO keep a handle on their IT budget?

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Digital Realty CFO Krupal Raval on why tech giants are moving data centres to SE Asia

Raval spoke to CIO Asia about the state of data centres in the region and why the biggest providers are relocating there

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Where are venture capitalists investing in Southeast Asia?

Why a growing number of venture capital firms are choosing to invest in Southeast Asian startups

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Top government CIOs in Southeast Asia

The CIO role is more important than ever, as lines between technology and business become blurred. But who are the notable government CIOs tackling the role?

supply chain management - ecommerce - ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

How ecommerce is changing Thailand's economy

How the rapid growth of ecommerce is changing the face of Thailand's economy

oragami birds flock leadership

What does the future CIO role look like?

In this piece we explore the skills that CIOs should consider when going through transformation journeys and looking at the future challenges of their job.

marina bay singapore

How the Singapore government supports the country’s tech scene

Singapore has become a regional powerhouse for tech backed by a supportive government

saigon vietnam

How Vietnam is investing in green tech to fix its coal problem

With more than 60,000 deaths each year linked to air pollution, Vietnam is looking at green and renewable energies to revert its environmental problem

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