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How CIOs can build brand awareness

What should a CIO be doing to raise the profile of their organisation and grow customer engagement?

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How CIOs can align IT with business strategy

Technology holds an essential role in the business stage and the alignment of IT and business strategies has become an indispensable feature for any organisation’s success and functionality. Here we see what IT governance is all about...

Define your organization's culture

How can CIOs create a positive company culture?

Corporate culture can define a business, so how do you go about implementing one that helps your company and its employees to thrive?

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All govt agencies in Indonesia to appoint a CIO, presidential decree mandates

As part of a new presidential decree, all government agencies in Indonesia must now appoint a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to coordinate the tech efforts within each agency. The CIO will collaborate with businesses, ministers, and...

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How to implement a successful security plan

How to implement a successful security plan in 8 steps

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Gartner CIO survey: Digital business in APAC has reached maturity tipping point

According to the global research firm, digital business maturity in APAC has reached a tipping point and CIOs need to secure their new foundation for the next state of digital evolution

Yeo Beng Huay - CIO at Singapore Customs

Singapore Customs CIO speaks about the Smart Nation and NTP

Interview with Yeo Beng Huay, CIO at Singapore Customs on the role of the CIO, the Smart Nation initiative, the NTP and digital transformation

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SingPost Chief Digital and Technology Officer on Singapore’s postal services digital strategy

In an interview with CIO Asia, Alex Tan, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer at SingPost, spoke about the company’s innovative digital services and the prominence that ecommerce has in Singapore’s post industry

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How to motivate your team after a setback

How to get your team back on track after suffering a professional disappointment

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Singapore to use facial recognition in national digital identity system

The republic is planning to incorporate a centralised biometrics identification system as part of its National Digital Identity (NDI) scheme

Gabriel Tho, COO of Y3 Technologies and CIO of YCH

Y3 Technologies COO discusses how emerging tech is changing the supply chain industry

Interview with Gabriel Tho, COO of Y3 Technologies and CIO of YCH, on the supply chain industry challenges and implementation of emerging technologies.

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Microsoft awards best performing partners in Singapore

In the Singapore Partner Awards 2018, the software multinational recognises partners' work that have demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology

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SAP APAC & Japan CIO speaks about emerging technologies in the region

Manik Narayan Saha, CIO at SAP APAC & Japan, discusses technology challenges in Southeast Asia, emerging technologies and the new SAP Leonardo Centre in Singapore

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The state of gender diversity in Southeast Asia

When it comes to diversity and representation in the workforce, how does Southeast Asia measure up?

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AXA CIO on implementing omnichannel strategies in the insurance sector

Ash Shah, Regional Property and Casualty CIO and Chief of Staff at AXA Asia, speaks about the adoption of self-service and omnichannel strategies in the insurance industry and how it can benefit from ecommerce businesses lessons.

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McAfee CTO in APAC on the risks of using the cloud & the impact of emerging tech

McAfee CTO in APAC talks about the risks of using the cloud and the impact of emerging tech in cybersecurity


How CIOs in Asia are achieving enterprise automation

IT executives from Asian companies tell about how the adoption of enterprise automation has benefit their businesses.

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What CIOs can learn from startups

As startups continue to dominate the digital landscape, what lessons can today’s CIO learn from these emerging companies?

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SAP CIO interview: SAP's digital transformation in SE Asia

Manik Narayan Saha, CIO at SAP APAC & Japan, speaks to CIO Asia about his role at the software giant and digital transformation in the region

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Digital Realty CFO Krupal Raval on why tech giants are moving data centres to SE Asia

Raval spoke to CIO Asia about the state of data centres in the region and why the biggest providers are relocating there

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