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mwc mcafee

McAfee CTO in APAC on the risks of using the cloud & the impact of emerging tech

McAfee CTO in APAC talks about the risks of using the cloud and the impact of emerging tech in cybersecurity


How CIOs in Asia are achieving enterprise automation

IT executives from Asian companies tell about how the adoption of enterprise automation has benefit their businesses.

mentor partner collaborate business deal coffee shop couple by joshua ness via unsplash

What CIOs can learn from startups

As startups continue to dominate the digital landscape, what lessons can today’s CIO learn from these emerging companies?

sap cloud platform

SAP CIO interview: SAP's digital transformation in SE Asia

Manik Narayan Saha, CIO at SAP APAC & Japan, speaks to CIO Asia about his role at the software giant and digital transformation in the region

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What CIOs can expect from the ASEAN digital revolution

Is ASEAN going through a digital revolution?

A woman holding a speech bubble.

How to rebuild your business reputation in the cyberage

Tips to managing your company's reputation in the cyberage

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How CIOs in Southeast Asia are managing IT budgets

As resources get tighter and costs continue to sprawl, just how does today’s CIO keep a handle on their IT budget?

virtual data center servers

Digital Realty CFO Krupal Raval on why tech giants are moving data centres to SE Asia

Raval spoke to CIO Asia about the state of data centres in the region and why the biggest providers are relocating there

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What does the future CIO role look like?

In this piece we explore the skills that CIOs should consider when going through transformation journeys and looking at the future challenges of their job.

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How CIOs can build brand awareness

What should a CIO be doing to raise the profile of their organisation and grow customer engagement?

leadership management skill recruitment

5 qualities that make a good CIO

5 qualities necessary to be a good CIO: leadership, business drive, adaptability, communication skills, collaboration

emerging technology - virtual reality [VR] / augmented reality [AR] - virtual display / GUI

How to find and implement emerging technologies as a CIO

Emerging technologies can be beneficial to your organisation but which one should you look for?

protection privacy locks security cybersecurity

How to implement a successful security plan

How to implement a successful security plan in 5 steps

business meeting teamwork laptop

Standard Chartered CIO Peter Clark discusses security & innovation challenges

Standard Chartered CIO Peter Clark on disruptive technology, creating a customer-centric culture and innovation challenges facing the multinational banking organisation

collaboration / teamwork / planning meeting / design / development

3 Asian-Pacific companies share their business transformation stories

James Cook University, Ashok Leyland and Auckland Transport share their business transformation stories

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Does your organisation need a CISO?

How rising data security fears have boosted the role of the Chief Information Security Officer

iot smartphone laptop bank financial

How MyRepublic is embracing the cloud, open source & a slew of disruptive tech

This telco firm is making a break from traditional legacy IT infrastructure

evolution technology digital transformation disruption growth

Why digital transformations are lagging

Executive confidence in digital transformations is waning, thanks to shaky leadership, IT-business disconnect and a failure to stoke true organizational change.

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