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Top tech conferences and events in SE Asia 2019

Up-to-date list of top tech conferences and events in Southeast Asia during 2019

Voranuch Dejakaisaya, CIOO at Krungsri Bank

Bank of Ayudhya CIO talks about digital banking and outsourcing

Voranuch Dejakaisaya, CIOO of Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri), speaks to CIO Asia about digital transformation, the need to develop online banking to engage with younger customers, outsourcing and promoting a digital culture in the...

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Why CIOs should run an apprenticeship scheme

As the talent gap continues to widen across Southeast Asia, does the answer lie with apprenticeships?

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Most inspiring books for CIOs and IT leaders

What are the best books for CIOs and technology leaders 2019?

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CISOs in Southeast Asia: Salary expectations & job description

What are the responsibilities and salary of Chief Information Security Officers?

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IDC: 30% of organisations in Philippines to achieve “digital determination” by 2020

Recently unveiled predictions by IDC show that at least 30% of organisations across Philippines will achieve "digital determination", transforming their respective markets and reimagining the future through innovative business models...

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How CIOs in Southeast Asia are managing IT budgets

As resources get tighter and costs continue to sprawl, just how does today’s CIO keep a handle on their IT budget?

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How to rebuild your business reputation in the cyberage

Tips to managing your company's reputation in the cyberage

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What CIOs can expect from the ASEAN digital revolution

Is Southeast Asia going through a digital revolution?

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5 qualities that make a good CIO

5 qualities necessary to be a good CIO: leadership, business drive, willingness to learn, communication skills and being technologically adept

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CMOs in Southeast Asia: Salary expectations & job description

What are the responsibilities and salary of Chief Marketing Officers? Find here the salary expectations and job description of the role in Southeast Asia.

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What should CIOs in Southeast Asia be prioritising in 2019?

What will tech leaders across Southeast Asia be prioritising over the next 12 months?

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How to hire the best cybersecurity talent

Cybersecurity has one of the biggest skills deficits across all IT verticals meaning finding the right talent isn’t always easy. Here’s how to get it right.

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Startups gather in HCMC to share hi-tech agricultural models

Young entrepreneurs from the ten ASEAN countries, joined by China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, gathered last week at the ASEAN+3 Young Entrepreneurs Forum held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to share hi-tech agricultural startup...

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Does your organisation need a CISO?

How rising data security fears have boosted the role of the Chief Information Security Officer

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Top financial services CIOs in Southeast Asia

List of the top 10 financial services CIOs in the ASEAN region in 2019

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From CIO to CEO: How to make the step up & whether you should

Although transitions from CIO to CEO are still infrequent, today more than ever IT executives have the opportunity to achieve the highest rank in an organisation.

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How to find and implement emerging technologies as a CIO

Emerging technologies can be beneficial to your organisation but which one should you look for?

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