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How businesses in Southeast Asia are closing the tech skills gap

A closer look at what countries in Southeast Asia are doing to overcome the critical talent deficit they’re set to face over the next decade

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What does the future CIO role look like?

In this piece we explore the skills that CIOs should consider when going through transformation journeys and looking at the future challenges of their job.

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Resume gaps don’t define candidates, skills do

It’s already hard finding skilled people to fill positions. So, don’t let a candidate’s career gap prevent you from hiring them. Look at their skills — you will likely find great talent.

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10 boot camps for business analysts

Business analysts are vital to organizations that want to make the most of their data. Here are 10 boot camps to help you become a business analyst or advance your career in business analytics.

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Why liberal arts degrees are valuable in tech

Think you need a STEM degree to succeed in technology? Think again.

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