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5G mobile wireless network

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How is Vietnam preparing for 5G?

Ericsson predicted in summer 2018 that Vietnam will be using 5G within two years, however the country is still working on having a full 4G implementation. Here we examine the current state of state of 4G in the country and if 5G can...

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Southeast Asia’s internet economy to reach US$72 billion by end of 2018

According to a new report released by Google and Temasek on 19 November, the region’s internet economy has hit an inflection point after growing 36% from a year earlier, accelerating beyond the 32% compounded annual growth rate that...

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Malaysia’s public and private sectors need to collaborate

If it hopes to achieve its Vision 2020 objectives, the Malaysian government needs to encourage public-private partnerships that focus on ICT, IoT and other digital technologies, according to IDC.

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Singapore among top spenders for smart cities technology

Smart cities spending will reach $158 billion in less than five years, and Singapore -- along with Tokyo and New York City -- are among leading investors.

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How MyRepublic is embracing the cloud, open source & a slew of disruptive tech

This telco firm is making a break from traditional legacy IT infrastructure

5G mobile wireless network

Vietnam to earn over US$3 billion from 5G technology

Vietnam’s manufacturing and energy industries could benefit massively from 5G technology says Ericsson President

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Philippines Gov't to use 6,000km of unused fibre-optic from National Grid

The Philippines’ National Broadband Plan should reduce the cost of high-speed internet and make it easier for everyone to access

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