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Yeo Beng Huay - CIO at Singapore Customs

Singapore Customs CIO speaks about the Smart Nation and NTP

Interview with Yeo Beng Huay, CIO at Singapore Customs on the role of the CIO, the Smart Nation initiative, the NTP and digital transformation

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Singapore to use facial recognition in national digital identity system

The republic is planning to incorporate a centralised biometrics identification system as part of its National Digital Identity (NDI) scheme

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How the Singapore government supports the country’s tech scene

Singapore has become a regional powerhouse for tech backed by a supportive government

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How Vietnam is investing in green tech to fix its coal problem

With more than 60,000 deaths each year linked to air pollution, Vietnam is looking at green and renewable energies to revert its environmental problem

kuala lumpur malaysia

Malaysian Investment Development Authority to hold major talks on green technology

Malaysian Investment Development Authority will create incentives for businesses implementing green technology

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Philippines Gov't to use 6,000km of unused fibre-optic from National Grid

The Philippines’ National Broadband Plan should reduce the cost of high-speed internet and make it easier for everyone to access

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For government CIOs, accountability comes without authority

Federal CIO Suzette Kent sees progress for federal CIOs, but says more needs to be done to make tech leaders full-fledged partners with top agency brass.

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