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Best business intelligence software 2018

The need to extract meaningful insights from data has never been more necessary. Here, we look at the best BI software.

Hong Kong / long exposure traffic near IFC skyscrapers at night / speed / connections / smart cities

University of Singapore & Grab launch S$6m AI lab to solve urban issues

The lab was created in a bid to alleviate urban transport pressures

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150 years of Business Intelligence: A brief history

A brief history of Business Intelligence from pre-digital times until today

abstract data statistics

What is predictive analytics? Transforming data into future insights

Predictive analytics can help your organization forecast future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as machine learning.

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10 boot camps for business analysts

Business analysts are vital to organizations that want to make the most of their data. Here are 10 boot camps to help you become a business analyst or advance your career in business analytics.

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Best free data analytics tools, 2018

Data analytics software doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. These free tools can help businesses uncover new insights and draw valuable predictions from various data sources.

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7 ways to embrace shadow IT and win

Shining a light on shadow IT can reveal potentially useful and productive technologies. Here's how to meet employees' hidden needs — reliably and securely.

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AI in the supply chain: Logistics gets smart

Interest in machine learning and AI for SCM is increasing as companies envision a more predictable, automated future for logistics and distribution.

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Data, analytics and cloud: The new frontier

In the digital economy, the ability to leverage data assets for a competitive necessity is a must

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