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BLOG: An evening with a Hollywood editor

Zafar Anjum | July 26, 2013
LA-based Emmy Award winning editor Kris Trexler has some great advice on using editing software for videos.

Trexler lamented how Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCP) X has disappointed professional editors. FCP was a great piece of editing software and after Apple discontinued FCP 7, it fell out of favour. When Apple had announced FCP X after a hiatus of several years, Trexler was over-excited. He wanted to use it to cut his next project on. When the product was finally released and he downloaded it from the App Store, he was disillusioned with what he saw.

The new version is not convenient for editing longer footage, he said. Creating and using duplicates is a problem with the software. However, he thinks that FCP X is great for editing documentaries.

After his initial rejection, Trexler is slowly coming to terms with FCP X again and is exploring it.

Hollywood is a 100 percent Avid town, Trexler said. All Hollywood editors use Avid to edit their footage. Most Hollywood productions use multi-cam footage (videos shot with four-cameras, A, B, C, and X). It is easier to edit such footage on Avid. Avid also has some unique features which other softwares don't have, he claimed.

Trexler also appreciated Adobe's editing software, Premiere. He said the software has evolved over the years and many editors are using it now (though not in Hollywood). Apple's loss (after the folly of FCP X) has been Adobe Premiere's gain.

If you are budding video editor, Trexler has one simple advice for you: you should learn both FCP and Avid. If you know how to use FCP, it should not be difficult to learn Avid in a day.

That's what Trexler thinks. You want to try?

Zafar Anjum is an author and online editor of MIS Asia, CIO Asia, Computerworld Singapore and Computerworld Malaysia.



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