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You got surveyed: Apple up, Samsung down

The Macalope | Aug. 24, 2015
The survey wheel has turned yet again and those who were down are up, those who were up are now down. Thusly, it is time to rush to the conclusion machine.

The same thing also probably explains why older people skew more toward Samsung, HTC and Nokia than younger users. Those devices tend to be cheaper and are pushed by carriers as replacements for feature phones. When you don’t place emphasis on mobile computing, you’re more likely to take whatever phone is cheaper.

So there you have it. Sorry Samsung, you're just not as cool at the moment.

Old people cannot be cool. Seems kind of unfair as Samuel L. Jackson has been elegible for an AARP card for years but the Macalope doesn't make the rules. People who write up surveys make the rules.

Well, the Macalope looks forward to being back here in two years when a third survey tells us, whoops, it’s actually Apple that’s not cool.


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