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Yahoo breach exposes naked truth about online security

Robert X. Cringely | March 4, 2014
The umpteenth violation of our Internet privacy proves once again the dearth of common sense among us Web users.

I'm probably shouting at the wind, but we need to pay a little more attention to our digital privacy. I can't move to Wyoming and live off the grid, mainly because I'm too out of shape to chop wood and Pammy would shoot me before I reached the West Side Highway.

But I'm certainly techie enough to make it a little difficult on whomever is trying to sleazily Dyson-ize my data. Check out the TOR network. Use WPA2 or maybe a good, old-fashioned Cat5e cable. Encrypt my email. Use a password that isn't crackable in 10 seconds by a grade schooler with an iPad. Don't restructure my 401(k) on my smartphone. None of it's hackproof, but at least it'll make brows furrow for a little while.

And here's a thought: Maybe keep my love life offline.

Source: InfoWorld


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