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Word play: Describing Android with two words

The Macalope | Aug. 10, 2015
Much like Grover had a bad, awful day, Android has had a bad, awful couple of weeks on the security front.

At the same time, Apple's centralized approach, for all the real benefits it offers, hasn't conferred immunity from security issues.

Yeah! So what's even the point of these so-called "updates" that "protect" devices from exploits if they don't confer complete immunity?! What's even the point of anything?!

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One of the problems with Apple's monoculture is that a security vulnerability in the latest operating system release has the potential to affect a greater percentage of the user base than it would on Android.

OK, a new vulnerability might have that effect. But it'll also get patched faster and more completely. And its stricter control on installing apps means its less likely to get exploited.

Look, Apple isn't perfect on security. But iOS is more secure than Android. Sorry? No, that's not what the Macalope means. Suck it up. That's closer.

There's also the petty paternalism of requiring that developers seek approval for app content, rather than simply auditing code for security and privacy issues and accepting that code authors deserve the same speech protection as text authors. But that's another story.

A dull, dumb story, told by a pedant, full of sound and fury, signifying the kind of overbearing devotion to dogma that dentists want you to have for gum disease prevention.

"If you're not willing to quit your job to devote yourself full time to your gums, then I can't help you, Ted."

Google is trying to pick up the pieces and fuse Android's fragments together into a more manageable amalgam. Maybe it will work this time.

Adorable. And they call Apple customers the "faithful."

In the meantime, at least there's no shortage of choices.

Yes! Choice is a strength of Android. Hey, the Macalope wants an updated 4-inch iPhone (ever try to stretch a hoof all the way across a 4.7-inch screen?) and he's not hopeful right now he'll get one this year. That chafes his hide.

So, yes, the platforms have differences. One of Android's is that it sucks on security. You can't whitewash that.


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