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Winning the war on tech talent in 2015

Jacqui Whyatt, executive general manager, South East Asia, Talent International | Dec. 11, 2014
Jacqui Whyatt of Talent International tells us more about the key trends as well as new issues and opportunities for the local tech employment market next year.

So, how can employers ensure they place the best tech talent in 2015? My four tips for tech employers are:

1.    Good talent moves fast, so hire quickly. This doesn't mean sacrificing your desired skill sets, but make sure your process is slick. Employers that are winning the war for talent are those that have a robust process and move quickly

2.    Make sure the recruitment and employer brand experience for candidates is enjoyable. Make it positive and efficient. And once you've placed a candidate make sure the onboarding experience is positive, and supports retention and future development for your new employee.

3.    Give your candidates a clear view of what progression looks like and how they can get there. Make it feel real.

4.    Be flexible. The talent pool is shrinking, so employers must think laterally about the types of candidates and skills sets they will consider for any role. Flexible contract work continues to increase in popularity and so does the demand for the option to telecommute.

There are two dual pressures that employers should navigate in 2015: the year ahead will require a short-term need for employers to ensure they have a fast, effective and proactive talent function, with a longer term focus of training and developing the next generation of technology professionals in an environment where they want to work and progress their career.

And finally, I can't talk about the employment market without discussing salaries. Increasing the salary offered is often a quick fix to secure a candidate, but it's a dangerous game to play and can quickly lead to inflated market salaries,which can potentially create a more costly and less competitive market. We've seen this happen in Singapore previously. Salary inflation, among other things, led to it becoming a high-cost market, so its back office IT jobs have been outsourced to locations like Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Philippines, while the mid-level and senior level roles remained. Employers will need to be creative with the way they offer salary packages to candidates, including offering retention and performance bonuses, extra annual leave and generous health insurance schemes rather than simply increasing the monthly salary paid.

Overall, 2015 is set to be an exciting year for tech candidates and employers alike. For talented and engaged candidates, opportunities abound, while for employers, being creative with the right attraction and retention processes in place mean they can win the war on tech talent.


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