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What ICT professionals want

Emmanuel White, Regional Director at Hudson Singapore | May 6, 2015
When asking ICT professionals what they’re looking for in their next role, the answer may just surprise.

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

Emmanuel White, Regional Director at Hudson Singapore
Emmanuel White, Regional Director at Hudson Singapore

With 52.4 per cent ofemployers in the ICT industry intending to increase their permanent staff numbers in the first half of 2015, it pays to ask: "What do professionals in the field want?"

Last year, the answer was almost what you'd expect in a city state with as high a cost of living as Singapore: money was king, with salary topping the 'must have' list for employees. 

But this year's response may surprise some hiring managers. Hudson's recent hiring report, The State of Hiring in Singapore 2015 ,surveyed 519 professionals and hiring managers across Singapore to determine what key factors will motivate the talent market in 2015.

In its ICT snapshot, Hudson found that while the overwhelming majority (71%) of ICT professionals still look for a higher salary when they switch roles, the thing they are most interested in for 2015 is career progression. They want to know: "Where will this role lead me?" and "What can I learn here that I can take to my next position?"

Employers should pay attention. With 97 per cent of ICT professionals open to being approached by a recruiter or employer about new job opportunities, and 94 per cent having been approached in the last six months, 70 per cent of ICT professionals already have an up-to-date CV sitting in their drawer ready to go. That is a large proportion of ICT professionals who are ready to move jobs given the right opportunity.

Therefore, whether employers are targeting active jobseekers or passive talent, those that combine career progression with a higher salary will likely be the ones to attract the best candidates.

Still, it's worth remembering that while salary and a clear career path are key, they are far from the only factors to consider.Seventy one per cent of ICT professionals are looking for a good cultural fit in their next role - now making this as important as salary. Work life balance follows closely at 66 per cent, with many employees citing that flexible arrangements and the chance to have both a successful career and personal life is taken into consideration when choosing a role. Benefits also featured in the top five: 60 per cent of ICT professionals are looking for a better benefits package in any new role they commit to.

Who is in demand?
It stands to reason that those whose skills are in demand this year are those most able to negotiate on salary.  Digital specialists, IT business partners, programme/project managers, SAP consultants and data architects all topped the list of this year's hottest ICT jobs, meaning hiring managers filling these positions need to realise candidates have options - so their offerings need to align with what these professionals want. 


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