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Transforming the connected ecosystem with the cloud

Shane Owenby, Managing Director, APAC, Amazon Web Services | March 18, 2016
Shane Owenby, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services, discusses how regional players across healthcare, location-aware technologies, financial services and food & beverages leveraged the cloud to innovate and disrupt their industries.

Food & Beverage

It's not enough anymore to perform historical analyses. In situations where one needs to make well-informed decisions, the available data and insights must also be timely and immediately actionable. Cloud allows real time decision-making with on-the-fly processing of data, powering real-time dashboards and analytics. Cloud platforms can scale as businesses continuously capture and store many data points from diverse sources such as website click-streams, financial transactions, and social media feeds to power data feeds that affect business decisions like dynamic pricing.

Akindo Sushiro (Sushiro), the market-leading sushi restaurant chain in Japan is a great example, with over 409 conveyor belt restaurants throughout the country. Harnessing the power of Cloud Computing, Sushiro analyzes billions of data points on the food ordering behavior to forecast demand, reducing wastage and ultimately lowering costs. Each plate on the conveyor belt is equipped with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag, allowing instant feedback to the kitchen whenever a customer lifts the plate off the belt. Displays in Sushiro restaurant kitchens show the type of sushi eaten and the raw materials required to replenish the belt. The data is updated in two intervals of 60 seconds and 15 minutes of a customer removing a plate. By deploying this unique Cloud-based real-time business intelligence model, Sushiro reduced raw material inventory and food disposal loss by 98.5 percent.

Today, the Cloud is the "new normal". Connected data that is driven by real-time, contextual and location-based insights has become increasingly ubiquitous, in which Cloud Computing is playing a critical role in data collection, fast processing, analysis and collaboration for organizations to gain useful insights quickly that have driven many successful business outcomes. Given the enormous volumes of data that are generated by connected devices today, it is impossible to do it anywhere else efficiently but the Cloud.


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