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Top 6 reasons why Apple Watch will be such a big deal

Yoav Elgrichi, CEO, YuuPay Secure Pte Ltd (A YuuZoo Company) | March 17, 2015
Apple Watch has almost nothing to do with being a watch apart from the fact that it will be worn on the wrist. So what makes it such a huge deal?

3. Free our hands 
When was the last time you walked 10 meters without your phone? Can't remember huh? So if we carry this device with us, it is inevitable that we will carry it on us and have both our hands free to do important stuff like wave for taxi and pick your nose...simultaneously.

4. Fashionable device
Phone covers dressesthe phones and give them a bit of personality. I guess like dogs that look like their owners; the phones cover reflects its owner's personality. The same will happen with Apple Watch. The wrist band and its peripherals will turn Apple Watch to something that the owner uses to make a statement about himself (I am fitness-savvy woman, I am cool, I am a hipster, I just have bad taste in colours and the list goes on).

But the fun is just starting, soon we will see new ways to wear the wearable device -- as pendants, hair clips, magnet cases that can stick to stuff and who knows what more.

The variety will not be limited to how you wear it, but where you wear it and how it is attached to your body or clothes. It is going to be wild.

5.  Leave your wallet at home
Apple's new payment solution, Apple Pay,will run on the watch to allow secure way to pay using the watch by tapping it on payment terminals in shops. This means you can leave your wallet at home and still be able to pay for your energy drink at 7-eleven after your routinely morning jog.

We in YuuPay are looking carefully about the matter and preparing to tap into this revolution.

6. Viva la revolution 
Apple Watch will curve the market and set the tone to the wearable device revolution. However, soon after the competition will come. If we looked at the past history from phones and tablets, although the competition do not have the DNA to bring something to the masses, but they are likely to be much more technologically advanced equating to a much smarter, more robust and mainly, much more open to innovation as compared to Apple's close garden.

I guess every company has different DNA. Apple starts a revolution and the competitors take it to new dimensions.

In a few weeks from now we are likely to see camp outs and queues in front of Apple shops around the world. The length of the queues will help us to predict if indeed Apple Watch is such a big deal.


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