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Top 6 reasons why Apple Watch will be such a big deal

Yoav Elgrichi, CEO, YuuPay Secure Pte Ltd (A YuuZoo Company) | March 17, 2015
Apple Watch has almost nothing to do with being a watch apart from the fact that it will be worn on the wrist. So what makes it such a huge deal?

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

Apple Watch has almost nothing to do with being a watch apart from the fact that it will be worn on the wrist. Apple Watch is a wearable device that empowers you to do a variety of things -- from being a powerful communication device to showing great recipes of cheese cake and of course, it can also show you the time (not a big deal though, even my toaster shows me the time).

So what makes it such a huge deal? What is the change that it will bring in such magnitude that the world have not seen before?

1. Wearable device to the mob
For over 20 years people play with the idea of a wearable device, mainly geeks in the dark laboratory of universities or devices for targeted niche needs like to measure steps or provide visual unique indication such as exposure to dangerous materials.

Apple is about to bring the wearable device to the mob, making it something that people cannot simply ignore. This 38mm to 42mm device becomes a desirable piece spanning to 16-year old guys, same as it is desired by 65-year old retired ladies.

You must be thinking why am I so confident? Do I really need to remind you what they did to the smart phones, tablets and music players?

Apple undeniably knows how to bring stuff to the mass market, it is in their DNA whether we like it or not. Therefore, you have to brace yourselves thatin a few months from now, either you will be sporting an Apple Watch or friends around you will have it and you will play the role of the rebel who waits for the competitor's device to get released. But trust me, no one will ignore it.

2. Applications, applications, applications
Along with the watch, Apple released SDK (SDK is geek's term to describe development tools) to develop applications for the watch -- applications that make all the difference. Practically this device is nothing but a rectangular piece of metal (or should I say aluminium-built?) and ionized glass without the applications in it. The real beauty lies in the diversity of applications that will be available due to the huge community of developers around the world and the unbounded creativity of us humans.

Compared to the phone, the watch includes set of additional sensors that can detect heart rate, motion, better sensitivity to pressure and more; all can be used with a wide-array of new applications that will harness the watch's new capabilities to innovativelevels of usages.


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