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Those who forget history: Apple's events haven't always been magic

The Macalope | Oct. 23, 2014
How does that saying go? "Those who forget history are doomed to write incorrectly about it"?

By the time the Apple Watch comes out next year, it'll be half a decade since Apple last entered a new product category.

And? It was 6 years from the launch of the iPod to the launch of the iPhone. Events do not compress in time as they move into the past, you know.

It's no surprise that the launch event, a formula Steve Jobs invented and restlessly tinkered with from 1997 until he perfected it in 2007, should start to look staid and old too, bereft of ideas or enthusiasm.

OK, stop. Just... stop. It is utterly, fabulously false to imply that every Apple keynote in the last decade was aces until this one. Here's how The Register described Jobs's 2008 Macworld Expo keynote where he introduced the MacBook Air:

"Mojo-free Jobs delivers Macworld goods"

Is Steve Jobs losing his mojo? Almost speechless by the end of his Macworld keynote, the Apple chief executive's "to-do-list" left little by way of the surprises or thrills legions of Jobs-loving fanboys have come to expect.

Don't even get the horny one started on how people reacted to Phil Schiller's keynote the following year which featured a video about a battery.

Apple needs to reinvent this show soon, because it's been way too long.

You know what's really tired? Pieces that come out lamenting how each Apple event after a big one shows that the company has lost its "magic" and "mojo."


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