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The two pillars of successful IT infrastructure: skills and simplicity

Karl Horne | Oct. 21, 2014
With a talent shortage looming large, Karl Horne, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific, Ciena discusses the critical success factors for enterprise cloud deployment in Asia Pacific.

Further, outsourcing some traditional IT functions will provide enough bandwidth for internal teams to manage these high value, front-end requirements.  For example, there is a trend among enterprises with lean IT teams to ask the Cloud provider to run their servers. The advantage of this is that in-house administration of server hardware and software is no longer needed.  In this case, identifying functional area changes and providing training would not only make sense from an efficiency perspective but also create employee loyalty. 

Select network technologies carefully for ease of management

Enterprise networks have in many cases grown organically over the past decade and are now used for disaster recovery, cloud services, collaboration, VoIP and high-bandwidth applications such as video. For ease of management, CIOs should focus on simplified network architectures and IT systems design that make use of technologies such as software-defined networking to achieve networking needs. Network function virtualization can also help enterprises elastically scale and pool tasks to prevent under-utilization of network resources.

Apart from the undeniable economic and efficiency benefits the Cloud delivers, it also offers tremendous flexibility and the ability to outsource specific functions to specialist vendors; taking advantage of this opportunity will strengthen any IT strategy.

Use the data centre infrastructure available

There has been tremendous investment in data centres over the past few years in the Asia Pacific region. In Singapore, the government has built a state-of-the-art data centre park, just 30km away from the city centre; in Malaysia NTT Communications has built a 400,000 square feet data centre in Cyberjaya, again just 30 km from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Service providers are adopting new, innovative models such as 'user-to-content' to allow enterprise users to access mission critical content quickly across a variety of data centres. CIOs should pick a data centre vendor who they can trust to work flexibly and closely with their team on implementation and management.

So despite a skills shortage, there is clearly a way forward: CIOs should take a long-term view of the technologies their enterprise will need and develop the skills to manage it. Despite technologies advancing rapidly, it will require talented and skilled professionals to fully ensure the success of any company's IT strategy.



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