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The rise of the superuser

Jim Clarke, Director, Marketing, Product & Pricing – International Telstra Global Enterprise & Services | Dec. 2, 2014
Many employees are deciding for themselves what IT they need and are proceeding to use it in the workplace without corporate approval. The risks related to this growing trend – termed Shadow IT – are huge.

Again, superusers show the way forward. While 36 per cent of IT decision makers said they already found shadow IT to constitute a challenge, almost half of superusers said they were likely to address that threat, compared to less than a third of non-superuser organisations.

If organisations do not make end-user expectations a higher priority, then the risk and cost implications of out-of-control shadow IT are likely to outweigh the costs of not listening more closely to end users to begin with.

Let your people lead the way ...

For many businesses, the answer lies in accepting that when it comes to collaboration, employees have a good idea about what they need and what will work. Employees' own experiences help them understand which communications tools will assist them to get their jobs done faster and help generate better business outcomes.

Rather than seeing employee demands in this area as a threat, executives should treat those perspectives as an invaluable guide in helping them make smart, successful decisions.

... onwards, to the cloud

The last pointer is where superusers source their IT, or rather, how. Interestingly, most organisations still purchase the essential components of unified communications (UC) - including video, voice, data and instant messaging - as individual solutions, rather than as part of an integrated or packaged service.

This is surprising, given that 67 per cent of organisations believe that purchasing UC as a service (UCaaS) will improve communications and efficiency within the workplace. Again, superusers are in the vanguard, with a far higher proportion believing that the flexibility of purchasing UC as a cloud service helps them to achieve business goals.

Work with your workers

For most businesses, the answer is simple. Listen to what your employees are saying and they can help solve your collaboration challenges for you. Combine this with cloud technologies to facilitate reaping the rewards of better decision-making at every level.


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